Pipe Systems


•  Buttweld Fittings

•  Malleable Cast Iron Pipe Fittings

•  Wrought Steel Pipe Fittings

•  Steel Flanges

•  Copper Fittings

Threaded and coupled Pipe System to SANS 62

Medium / Heavy / Uncoated or Coated

Steel Grooved Pipe system to SANS 815

  1. Pipe
  2. Fittings
  3. Victaulic Coupling
    1. Water
    2. Mining

Steel Shouldered Pipe system to SANS 815

  1. Pipe
  2. Fittings
  3. Coupling

Flanged Pipe system to

  1. Pipe
  2. Fittings

Stub and Flanged HDPE

  1. Pipe

HDPE coupling System

  1. Victaulic

PVC Ring Joint System

  1. Rubber Ring Joint

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Stewarts & Lloyds is your one-stop-shop for all your flanging and threading needs. We also offer fitting fabrication services, so you can get the exact product you need. Plus, we carry a full range of gaskets, bolts and nuts to meet your every need. Contact your nearest branch today to learn more about our products and services!